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Executive Director

Executive Director / Superintendent – Dr. Dale Underwood

Dr. Underwood holds a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Sam Houston State University, a Masters of Education in Mid-Management with Superintendent certification from Texas A & M University, and a Bachelor's degree in History with teaching certification in secondary History and English. He has over 25 years of experience in education administration positions, including principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent in public and charter schools. He has additional experience in grant writing, program development, fiscal management, parent/community involvement, emergency planning, and human resources. He has presented at various education events and research meetings and is a published author in the field of educational leadership.

Dr. Underwood served as the principal for the Raven School, a vocational high school located on the Gulf Coast Trades Center grounds, for five years before becoming the Executive Director and Superintendent in 2014. He reports to the Board of Directors of both Gulf Coast Trades Center and The Raven School and is administratively responsible for the overall operations and management of School and Program services according to the policies set by the boards. He directly supervises the managerial positions of the agency.

From an industry perspective, Dr. Underwood has experience in land and community relations as well as a land agent in wind industry, participating in the administration of the installation of two industrial wind farms in south Texas on the Coastal Bend. He has presented the science and economics of wind energy at various scholarly symposiums.

Dr. Underwood also has a background as an ordained minister for more than two decades in youth, education, music, and pulpit ministries. Seminary work included time spent at Abilene Christian University with a focus on missions. He has served in Enid, Oklahoma and Texas in Conroe, San Antonio, and Madisonville in various capacities. He has traveled throughout the United States from coast to coast as a published singer/song writer, performing with the Sounds of Glory (24 years), and as speaker. He is actively involved in leadership in the Church.

Dr. Underwood is married to Karlene. He remains honored to have a marvelously talented musician, educator, mother and wife by his side. They have two children and a grandson.