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Youth reside together in small groups. Through these small groups, youth are able to develop close relationships, learn positive social behaviors as well as experience intense intra-structural peer support.

Group sessions are held daily Monday through Friday to give each youth the opportunity to discuss the day's activities and problems. The sessions are conducted by the staff who works regularly with the same training class group. Each youth also has one individual counseling session per week, or more often as needed.

A level system is also employed based on the belief that taking full responsibility for one's own behavior is the first step in becoming a contributing member of society. This incremental step system is a behavioral shaping treatment modality directed toward assisting the youth in social and vocational preparedness to return to the community with the ability to function in a socially acceptable manner.

The system is designed to enhance and reward self-discipline and consistency as opposed to other punishment oriented policies. That is, the youth earns privileges and positive recognition through compliance.