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Admissions Policies:  

The Gulf Coast Trades Center serves "at-risk" adjudicated youth referred from throughout the state of Texas.  Our referring agencies include the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and over 40 county juvenile probation departments.  The Admissions Policies are stated as follows:

  • Must be between 15 and 18 years of age
  • Must be willing to participate in a personal interview and campus visit
  • Must be vocationally motivated
  • Must be willing to participate in a battery of tests and assessments to determine skills, functioning, and
  • competencies
  • Must be able to demonstrate an ability to benefit from the vocational training offered
  • Must be referred from a state or county youth serving agency


All students at Gulf Coast Trades Center will attend leadership classes as a part of the orientation process. The curriculum is a ten-class introduction into the meaning and responsibilities of leadership.  Class offerings include:

  • Work Ethics and Leadership
  • Communication in the Leadership Role
  • Citizenship, Responsibility, and Internet Safety
  • Types of Leaders and Power
  • Leadership Goals short and long term
  • Leadership Planning and Time Management
  • Types of Motivation and the Leadership Role
  • Great Leaders and What Made Them Great
  • Service Learning and the Leadership Role
  • Global Outlook, Changing Times, and Leadership Accountability