Our Mission:                                           

"To increase the social and economic independence of disadvantaged youth."

In order to reclaim the inherent strengths of youth entrusted to our care we will help them focus on:

  • Restoring positive values
  • Experiencing positive attachments with adults and peers
  • Experiencing positive personal achievements
  • Experiencing the process of helping and giving to others
  • Experiencing personal responsibility and choices
  • Preparing for successful transition after graduation through job readiness, independent living skills and academic remediation or acceleration


At Gulf Coast Trades Center we will passionately create predictable, nurturing, living, and learning environments built on the belief that positive adult relationships are critical for positive youth development and long term behavioral change is achieved through “coaching and teaching” rather than controlling and punishing youth. 


We expect our youth to leave Gulf Coast with:

  • An appreciation for lifelong learning
  • Basic job readiness skills
  • Enhanced academic competencies, which may include a diploma or GED
  • Renewed sense of belonging
  • Age appropriate social competencies
  • Improved self esteem
  • An altruistic outlook on life
  • A positive value system
  • A sense of personal and civic responsibility

Philosophy Statement:

At Gulf Coast Trades Center we believe in the resiliency of disadvantaged and discouraged youth and believe they possess the inherent strengths to be competent and successful once these strengths are reclaimed. Crises and problems are seen as opportunities for new learning.

We believe that youth and adults must have five basic core needs met in order to be happy, content and therefore successful. Our Strength-based Circle of Courage identifies these needs and guides all our helping efforts.

We are currently in a collaboration with Montgomery County United Way and Healing Hands Ranch to teach our kids horticulture and aquaponics!