We welcome you to the Gulf Coast Trades Center. The Center was chartered in 1971 by the State of Texas as a not-for-profit educational school.

Over the past 42 years, there have been many changes, but the mission and purpose of the organization has remained constant - to assist adjudicated or disadvantaged youth to develop vocationally, academically and socially so that they may make positive contributions to society and correct or remedy problems or barriers which limit their potential opportunities and careers.

The Gulf Coast Trades Center strives to provide quality programs that help our young people have the necessary skills to survive in the ever changing workplace. The quality and the effectiveness of the Center’s comprehensive approach is validated by the numerous studies and awards received by the organization over the past 42 years.

The Center has and will continue in the future to develop new and innovative programs that will benefit the youth that we serve.

We are currently in a collaboration with Montgomery County United Way and Healing Hands Ranch to teach our kids horticulture and aquaponics!